Welcome to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute's online application and review portal!

Researchers, trainees and others can now apply to various research-related initiatives through this portal.

Ongoing submissions:

  • For All UOHI Researchers and Trainees:¬†Grant Application & Account Request Notice¬†(GAANT) - UOHI researchers and trainees are now requested to submit a Grant Application & Account Request Notice two weeks in advance of the application deadline to an external agency - in order to obtain institutional signature(s) and other approval(s). This submission opportunity is open at all times.

Current Submissions:

  • Endowed Fellowships & Scholarships

Upcoming submissions:

Recent submissions:

  • Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Day Abstracts¬†
  • Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit
  • Brain-Heart Funding Opportunity
  • ORACLE 2021 Pilot Project Funding Opportunity
  • Equipment Funding
  • ORACLE Precision Medicine Funding Opportunity
  • Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit Abstract Submission
  • ORACLE 2023 Pilot Project Funding Opportunity
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